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Three weeks ago, Carter and I had managed to find each other again. We’d managed to conquer hate and give in to the all-consuming feelings that had always existed between us. Life was perfect at last.

Until the next day, when everything came crashing down.

Separated by tragedy and the terrible truth surrounding the death of Carter’s mom, Carter and I couldn’t feel further apart, fighting every step of the way and prolonging the cycle of hatred between us.

But that’s the thing about hate built on the back of love. The more you try to hate, the more love wants to persist, and with every encounter, my heart bleeds ever more for him, refusing to consider him my enemy.

Soon enough, the lines between us blur.

But he’s already broken my heart twice. Getting close to him yet again would be a mistake.

Unless we can learn how to conquer our demons, despite it all, and finally let our love prevail.


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“The completely gripping writing style of Vera Hollins will compel you to keep reading despite things that may or may not haunt you long after you’ve finished it.” – Amazon reviewer

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