Six months ago, I arrived in Enfield looking for a fresh start. Scarred by an old incident, I hoped life in a new town would help me finally accept myself, but I was wrong because the big change brought something way worse. Blake Jones.

I was on Blake’s radar from the first day of our senior year, when he humiliated me in front of the whole school with a “welcome party.” However, it wasn’t welcoming at all, and it was just the start.

Day after day, Blake was there to remind me I was fat and worthless, and the coward in me never let me defend myself.
Until I finally exploded and fought back, right in the middle of class.

But now? Now I have to pay the price because Blake won’t let it slide. He’ll make sure I regret it.

Unless I manage to break out of his hatred and my all-consuming fears.

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“The completely gripping writing style of Vera Hollins will compel you to keep reading despite things that may or may not haunt you long after you’ve finished it.” – Amazon reviewer

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